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Patti W.'s Story

What led me to CaringBridge

When my grandaughter was diagnosed with ALL, a crew member of the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) who was filming Olivia's progress, told me about CaringBridge. I immediately logged in and started to tell her story.

My Caringbridge Community

CaringBridge has helped me immensely by eliminating phone calls, visits and texts from friends and family who may otherwise call everyday. I contacted and invited everyone I knew (who would be interested in following Olivia's progress) to the CaringBridge site so they could easily keep up-to-date with her battle.

Where I'm at Now

My grandaughter, Olivia Mae Blair, was 17 months old when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). She is being treated at Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, MD and is presently in remission. She began with 85% of leukemic cells in her bone marrow. As of December 20, 2013, she has 0% leukemic cells in her bone marrow or her spinal fluid. It was very intense the first two months and of course, everyone was devastated with this battle she was about to fight. She has three years of continued chemotherapy until the entire procedure is complete. Only then, will the doctors be confident that all the leukemia is out of our little girl's tiny body.

Why CaringBridge

I have had a wonderful experience with CaringBridge thus far. I have been using it for two months and have no complaints. I can access it from my laptop and from my iPad, but for some reason, I can not see the comments on my iPad, only my post. I shall continue to use CaringBridge for the next three years or until Olivia is free of CANCER.

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