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Michele P.'s Story

What led me to CaringBridge

I had several friends who were kind enough to keep us posted through difficult health issues. Then, when my youngest child was diagnosed with ovarian dysgerminoma at the age of 13, CaringBridge was a lifeline between me, my daughter and all of the people who loved and cared about us.

My Caringbridge Community

Besides the ability to keep everyone posted on Kate's status, an amazing thing happened for me as the weeks and months unfolded. The experience of expressing my feelings, and by extension, Kate's, became so important to me. I have done some writing, but nothing that affected me like the writing I did on our CaringBridge journal. It came to be a way to bring our loved ones into the experience with us, and importantly, a way for me to sort through my feelings and fears. I believe this enabled my loved ones to understand the challenges, and for at least some of my friends, it helped them figure out what to do to help us. It's hard to overstate how much this meant to us.

Where I'm at Now

Kate had not been well for the better part of a year, and we finally changed pediatricians in hopes of figuring out what was happening. The new doctor found a tumor the size of a baseball, wrapped around Kate's right ovary. We were sent to the Children's Medical Center emergency department that day and Kate had surgery the next afternoon. I have never been more terrified in my life. We were so lucky, though - this form of cancer is "practically 100% curable" and Kate is cured. We have so many blessings, it's hard to count them all.

Why CaringBridge

CaringBridge was a lifeline for me. The writing I did helped me work through my own feelings of fear, my desperate hope for Kate's recovery and my need to stay strong for her sake. The insight this gave me, and those who care about us, made a huge difference in our ability to cope.

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